Absard Villa

Project Info
Client:Ehsan Allah Eshtehardian
Program: Housing- Villa

By creating sequences of space, perception, and behavior, the plan of Absard Villa is an attempt to create this companionship and harmony. The first sequence provides the car entrance and walkway. Automobile is driven underground promptly to prevent any harshness on the natural view from its entrance and presence. When this obtrusive presence is resolved, the second sequence invites the garden to play and becomes a prelude to the perception and presence of the villa. To compose this prelude, the building has to be located at distance to give the garden a chance to find a place for itself in between. It is as if the location of the two parts should be swapped. 

Now, it is the time for the presence of mass. But this mass leans towards light to let in more natural light and keep away from blocking the view of Mount Damavand. The garden and greenery climb this curve, forming a green skin for the villa in harmony with the natural green space. The flexible plan of the villa now offers a space in companion with nature for various activities: exercising, leisure time, celebration, comfort and peace, and… life.