Hasan Seif Commercial and Administrative Building

Project Info
Architecture and Urban Studies and Research Center of Iran
Tehran, Iran

Hasan Seif Complex, located at Hasan Seif street, Tehran, Iran, is a semi-public and multipurpose facility, soon to be constructed on private property and private capital and funding. The building is located between a wealthy residential area and a commercial and cultural axis. Therefore, the building must perform as a mediator between these programs. The designers thus proposed an L-shaped building that embraces both the ideas of private development and social urban placemaking.

An opening in the plan forms a gathering space where people may enter and enjoy the landscape. Here, the building proposes a privately owned public space that connects the two sides of the plot and encourages the pedestrians to bypass the nearby street by walking through this designed urban plaza.

Surrounding the plaza, the building provides entertainment services such as restaurants and cafes to emphasize the social nature of the place. Moreover, via the yard, higher stories collect daylight through double-height terraces, and by changing the elevation, the plaza creates an even more intimate atmosphere.