Tehran Science Museum

Project Info
Civilization Office of Tehran Municipality & Tehran University
Tehran, Iran

While museums often perform as large-scale showrooms that host historically and culturally significant objects, science museums usually aim at providing new perspectives, perceptions, and recitations on human endeavor and progress in the realm of science. That is why the design team at NESHA decided to propose a hollow sphere in the middle of the project to promote different views to distinct parts of the museum’s journey and encourage the audience to discover new spaces and experiences along the way. These include interactive learning experiences, projected informative footages, and less often physical objects.

The land lot dedicated by Tehran University for this project is a landscape filled with trees that are a rare luxury in the warm and arid climate of the city. In effect, the designers decided to bring the massive volume of the project underneath the ground where some occasional disruptions in the landscape reveal parts of the building and provide daylight to selected sections of the museum. One of such disruptions also provides an urban gathering area and public access hub atop the hill where the museum’s main entrance is located.