Ali Naghavi Namini


Ali Naghavi Namini, born in 1975, graduated from Science and Technology University of Iran (IUST) with a master’s degree in Architecture. He began his professional career in 1997. Together with his partners, Hamidreza Mousavi and Shadi Azizi founded Negin Shahr Ayandeh (NESHA) consulting engineers in 2001. So far, he has been CEO and Principal Architect and has led diverse housing, office, and commercial projects. Giving consideration to context and responding to environmental and social issues have been among his deep concerns for the design and construction of architecture and urban projects, especially in the housing realm.

Furthermore, he was a lecturer at IA University Central Tehran Branch, teaching housing and residential complexes design courses. Freeing the space from the prevalent and strict constraints of the discipline for the benefit of the quality of being in the space has been one of Naghavi’s theoretical concerns. Nesha’s professional experiences in planning and designing architectural or urban spaces are led by such an approach. Linking this concern with more basic urban issues such as economic, social and urban livability concepts is one of the other subjects that Naghavi has dealt with both in architectural and urban design projects and in the writing of books such as Paz (2021) and the Architectural Promenade (2022).

He has been nominated and won many architectural competitions in Iran. One of Nesha’s projects (apartment 210), along with 63 other selected projects from Iran was included in the 2015 Venice Biennale in a collateral event called “A Little Thing called Architecture”.