Hamidreza Mousavi


Hamid Reza Mousavi is an entrepreneur and problem-solving expert specializing in the AEC industry, whose works aimed to create a space between design specialties, applied knowledge, and emerging technologies to intelligently design issues related to the future of resources, and the future of the city, and to offer creative solutions. He holds a master of architecture from Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), 2000, and a Ph.D. in Architecture from IA Science and Research University, 2007, Tehran. He is also an assistant professor at IAU Central Tehran University in the school of art and architecture.

In 2000 together with his partners, he established NESHA, a small studio that evolved into a middle-sized consultancy engineering firm, employing over 100 skilled professionals in Architecture and Interior Design, Urban Planning, and Design, and Construction Management.

Over the years, he has focused on identifying and solving problems that intersect design, management, and business, leveraging my skills, studies, and practical expertise. Recently, he co-founded the Future City Innovation Lab in April 2018, an innovative platform that curates a hybrid network of skilled strategists, interdisciplinary problem-solvers, entrepreneurs, and investors. Their goal is to explore emerging technologies, synthesize practical knowledge, and engage multi-disciplinary experts to solve some of the most pressing challenges, such as natural resource management, urbanism, and business growth. At present, most of his time is spent researching and analyzing future business opportunities and building networks with like-minded individuals who share a passion for driving positive change.