Iran Mall West Expansion Design & Construction Management

Iran Mall Western Expansion design, entitled “Iran Mall International Financial and Commercial Center”, is located on the west side of Iran Mall as a multi-purpose complex which is known as the Grand Bazaar of Iran. The project includes an office tower, a commercial and cultural podium center for sports and tourism, and public and private parking area for spaces described above.

The remarkable infrastructure of the project and the high standard of design, construction, and complexity of the project due to the diversity of design disciplines involved and efficient management of international and first-class domestic consultants and contractors required the use of a specialized team as a Design Manager. Therefore, Yamam Sazeh Company, as the contractor for the design and construction of the Western Expansion Project, awarded the Design Management of the project to NESHA since 2016.


NESHA has a Design Engineering contract to manage the consultants and contractors of IMWE Project per contract with the owner on budget and schedule. NESHA provides management of all Technical Discipline services including Architecture Design, Interior Design, Lighting Design, Structure, Mechanical Design, Civil Engineering, Landscape Design, Acoustic Design, Electrical, Fire Protection and Fire Engineering, Vertical Transportation, Façade Engineering, Waste Management, BMS, Sustainability, Value Engineering, and Geotechnical Design.

Design phases included Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, and IFC (Issue For Construction) drawings.