Basics of Design Ideas

Bert Bielfeld // Sebastian El Khouli

Translated By: Dr. Shadi Azizi // Parisa Moghaddam

All architecture projects start from a search for a concept or an intuitive understanding of problem-solving.

Design concept is the start point of a long path which accurately defines, refines and extends the idea in order to solve the problems and meet the needs, it consecutively evaluates and rejects the results. The book exclusively concentrates on the beginning of this process which will have effect on the path and designing outcomes.

This book not only describes the diversity of approaches and effective resources of inspiration, but it tries to show ways to release creativity.

This book aims to encourage students to explore deeper contents and unique ideas. It deliberately avoids specific architectural styles and dogmatism. Subject of this book is simple yet complecated question, as follows:

How the initial idea develops?