Basics of Housing

This book, in the three chapters of “basic principles”, “life elements”, and “housing typology”, tries to explain the process of designing a house in an easy and understandable way. This book has also avoided dividing the space of a house into functional elements like bedroom, kitchen, etc. and instead it has described the elements of life like sleeping, eating, having leisure, etc. and talks about the necessary ideas for creating the space needed for these elements; which makes this one of the most important points of the book. This book in the chapter of “housing typology” introduces different types of houses in the western cities which although we might not find all of these in the Iranian cities, but the majority of them are applicable in Iran too, and from the others we can take ideas to create new forms. Most importantly, this book not only talks about different forms of housing, but in the second chapter it pays special attention to the interior of the house and the passage of life in it; something which is of utmost importance in housing design or a high-quality house. Even in the introduction of the chapter of “housing typology” it mentions the pros and cons of each form in terms of natural light, suitable air conditioning, view, and also personalization of the house.