Basics of Spatial Design

Ulrich Exner // Dietrich Pressel

Translated By: Dr. Shadi Azizi // Safoura Olanj

“Basics of spatial design” focuses on SPACE, as one of the key components of architecture, independent of functions and professional fields such as landscape architecture, urban designinterior design, etc.

As an important preface, this book discusses about different senses and personal experiences that help human beings perceive their surroundings. The book also focuses on a range of diverse spaces with various spatial classification and their relative components.

The essential basic principles of design of spaces, are described in the “spatial design parameters” chapter and there are objectivities by using personal design methods and real examples in the “spatial design elements and tools” chapter.

The author hopes to create a deeper perception of specific character of spaces and also provide methods which enable designers to be aware of their choices.