Pamenar Street




During the recent decades, ‘Pamenar’ has transformed from an old residential neighborhoodto a commercial and economic area and the center of the union of metalworkersand the plastic sellers, but the traces of the architecture of the Safavids up until the second Pahlavi dynasty are still visible. Although we shouldn’t presume that this district in the past has only been residential; on the contrary, because of its political importance, Pamenar has always been filled with merchants and traders, therefore many caravansaries used to exist there but these caravansaries were gradually destroyed and turned into shopping centers.

In other words, Pamenar in the past was also a pack station, and with the passage of time it became more and more economic-oriented, and in parallel with this economic importance, heavy traffic, environmental pollutions, noise, polluted air, and the lack of enough security for the residents in this neighborhood, the locals gradually migrated from this area. 

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