Mahallat Multicomplex

Project Info
Client:Mahallat Municipality
Program: Mixed-Use
Location:Mahallat, Iran

Mahallat Multicomplex, located in the city of Mahallat, Iran, is a multi-purpose facility, consisting of multiple commercial and cultural spaces that are meant to be operated both as a business hub and a local community center. The various distinct parts that create the overall volume of the complex orient in two main axes of the street and the north-south axis. In lower levels, two separate boxes form a semi-courtyard space in between. These levels mainly host the commercial program of the building and are vertically connected through escalators adjacent to the yard.

The lower levels and higher ones are separated through a roof garden that is also visible on the exterior façade of the building. In higher levels, the building manifests a turn, adjusting itself to the street axis again. This move, in effect, creates an opening in the building that encourages and invites bystanders to enter the complex. This area contains mainly the cultural program including a bookstore, educational facilities, an amphitheater, and a movie store.