Tehran Boston HQ Office Building

Project Info
Client:Tehran-Boston corporate
Built Area: 6,200 sq.m
Program:Administrative Building
Location:Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Tehran-Boston corporate headquarters in Tehran comprises of 5 office stories and an additional 4-stories underground parking facility. The complex is located at Ararat Street, right across from the famous Ararat sports complex. Due to its access to greenery and view of the northern mountains of Tehran, designers have focused on the design of the building envelope to maximize its clarity. This was rendered useful later on and during the design process when the need for providing daylight from the northern side of the building was deemed dire.
The overall design is comprised of different levels that offset from one another. The offsets provided opportunities for multiple terraces the most important of which serves the CEO’s office. The facade includes a porous steel reinforcement network that is covered by glass curtain walls. This network also allows for controlling the amount of intake light. The interior of the office spaces is in alignment with loft principles. on the ground floor, some services including cafes and restaurants are designed to both serve the building as well as the surrounding neighborhood.