Darband and Darabad Restoration Strategic Plan






Darband and Darabad Restoration Strategic Plan” is part of a greater project of Tehran’s river-vallies restoration which is currently undertaken by Tehran Municipality for Five river-vallies in the city: Darabad, Darband, Darakeh, Farahzad and Vardavard. The current conditions of these two rivers which has gradually transferred from their natural setting into storm water, runoff and waste water concrete conveyors, along with physical considerations, legal and Economic pressures stemming from highly densified and developed parts of the capital, has turned the project into a quite challenging one. Main goals and considerations of the project are classified as below:


1. First; Planning for safety against storm water.

2. Second; Water health management, Basic flow quality improvement, Riparian ecosystem restoration and ground water recharge.

3. Third; River’s identity improvement.

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