Development & Restoration of Tehran Former Military Airport (Ghal e Morghi)

Immediate land lot of Velayat Park has an area of approximately 221 hectares. This lot is a section of a bigger land lot with an area of approximately 291 hectares which formerly belonged to Ghale Morghy barrack and before that to an airport with the same name and is located in the northern parts of region 19 of the 22 regions of Tehran. This lot has a roughly ellipse shape with the major diameter of 2140 meters in the northwest-southeast direction and the minor diameter of 1680 meters in the northeast-southwest direction. The development and rehabilitation plan of this lot in the agenda of this project is, in reality, the second phase of the development plan of the area which after the removal of the barrack’s fence was carried out in the initial establishment of parts of this lot for leisure and recreational spaces in connection with the surrounding texture.

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