Tehran River-valleys

One of the most conspicuous forms of the presence of water and natural axes in the structure of Tehran, that is still detectable among the mass constructions and roadways, are the river-valleys that float from the heights of Alborz mountains to the south and after a few kilometers are guided into the watercourses. Because river-valleys throughout the years were the connecting elements between the urban fabric and nature, their importance now is not solely on their natural value, but each one of them has turned into a historical, cultural, and environmental treasure.

Although each one of the main river-valleys of Tehran, under the influence of the current urban fabric, has a distinct formal, physical-spatial, and functional characteristic, but at the same time, it also has a spatial connection with the whole network; and with an appropriate planning, it can guarantee the spatial integration of the city. That is why in the new comprehensive plan of Tehran, there has been an emphasis on a coordinated intervention and an integrated view on the main river-valleys of Tehran, and five of the seven main valley-rivers (Kan, Farahzad, Darake, Darband, DarAbad) has been considered as the main development idea.

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