Iranian Modern & Contemporary Architecture Exhibiton

For the purpose of expansion and development of cultural activities with the main subject of Architecture with different countries, exhibitions, lectures and scientific exchange, sharing of design and make experience will be brought to attention. In the past the exhibition of Iranian Architecture in the 2015 Venice Biennale, exchange between Iranian and Japanese architecture in the April of 2016, exhibition of Iranian Architecture in Armenia the September of 2016 were held. The exhibition of contemporary Iranian architecture in Japan in March of 2018, with the invention of Architectural Institute of Japan [AIJ] will be brought to the public view.

This exhibition will be held in the Archi-Depot complex in Tokyo for two months and organized in three parts. Part one is focused on the second Pahlavi period and consist of over 20 projects including Azadi Monument, The City Theatre, The museum of contemporary arts, Senate of Iran, Niavaran Cultural complex, Carpet museum, etc. They are introduced and documented through models, films, slides and tabloids. In part two, project from distinguished Iranian and Japanese architects designed for Iran which were not built due to the 1979 revolution will be introduced. In part three a few of the contemporary build projects of Iran in the four groups of public projects [icon], residential and office projects [In fill], Monad projects and [Un built] highly developed projects will be introduced including the national library and academies of Iran by Hadi Mirmiran, and Tabriz SMP Tower by Bahram Shirdel.

After the exhibition in Tokyo, plans have been made to exhibit the program in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Mashhad which hopefully with the completion and publication of the exhibition book and an examining paper from Tokyo lto, Arota Isozaki and Iranian researchers, will help to improve on the status of Iranian architecture.

In the end we should mention and thank the Architectural Institute of Japan [AIJ], Professor Richi Miyake, Professor Arata Isozaki for organizing the event in Japan and the society of consultant engineers of Iran for moral support, the holding Azarestan group for financial support and multiple companies and groups whose names and logos are one the posters for support in the areas of media and technical programming. Also we would like to thank Ali Kermanian as the director and the research and performance group including Mehran Haghbin, Ali Naghavi Namini and also, Shahab Mirzaeian, Mehran Gharleghi and Siamak Farshchi.

Mehrdad Zavareh Mohammadi, Exhibition Director


Opening Address: RIICHI MIYAKE

Keynote Speech:


IRAN as hotspot


Different approaches towards the identity of Iranian architecture

Panel Discussion:

From Pahlavi dynasty to Islamic revolution, then post-revolutionary period






Closing Remark: NAHOKO WADA

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Exhibition Directors:




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