“I Am Designer” Campaign

"I Am Designer" Campaign

Ali Naghavi Namini was invited by the “I Am Designer” movement to speak among the designers in various fields about the similarities in all the different design areas and the method of approaching design products – especially architecture – by the audience.

The 4th Conferance of Sustainable Building

The 4th Conferance of Sustainable Building

The forth “Sustainable Building” convention. November 25th to 27th, 2019 Ali Naghavi Namini talked about the more interior layers of sustainability in the discussion panel of this convention. He criticized the cumbersome regulation in the field of construction using a few projects designed and built by NESHA and the concept of “Receptive Regulations”. The discussed research in this convention was conducted in collaboration with Asal Moradi.

Iran Un-Built Symposium

Iran Un-Built Symposium

The history of Architecture is full of designs that were never built. The seventh “Triangle” event is focused on such projects that are well-known for various reasons. Ali Naghavi Namini introduced one of the most important examples: OMA project for the International Commerce Center of Iran in the Iran Mall complex. Naghavi, the plan manager, spoke of the details of the project, the creativity of the design team in spite of various restrictions, and the causes of not implementing the design.

TEDx AmirKabir University

TEDx AmirKabir University

How can we create solutions based on urban development plans that render the class or gender exclusive urban public spaces more welcoming to various social groups including women? In this Amirkabir TEDx talk, Shadi Azizi PhD. spoke about the role of public transportation and pedestrian paths of the historic center of Tehran in the transformation of demographic classification of Tehran Bazaar.


The 8th “Dialogue sessions”

The 8th "Dialogue sessions"

The 8th “Dialogue sessions”, titled a Glance at NESHA Architecture and Design Approach, was held by the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism of Alborz in February 25th , 2019 in Karaj, Where Ali Naghavi Namini outlined NESHA design approaches & experiences.

Iran Urban Expo 2019

Iran Urban Expo 2019

The winners of Iran Urban Expo 2019 were announced on Monday, January 15th. The Expo which was held on 13th to 15th January in Tehran, was dedicated to Housing and Urban Regeneration. On the last day, the best pavilions of Iran Urban Expo 2019 were awarded. The awards were divided into two categories, with six selected pavilion each: MRUD and Municipalities. NESHA team proudly announces that Kurdistan pavilion was among the first six selected pavilions and was awarded and praised as the outstanding.

The 5th Asian Mayors Forum General Assembly

The 5th Asian Mayors Forum General Assembly

Asian mayors,officials,academics and practitioners all took part in Asian Mayor Forum in (29 November-2 December) 2018 to share their knowledge and experiences about sustainable , resilience and livable city. Lecture which was presented by Dr.Shadi Azizi focused on Leveling up livability in Tehran through reframing forgotten assets: The evolution story of military camps, rivers and streets

CIDEX 2018, The most innovative design for Iran Mall West Expansion Pavilion-First prize

CIDEX 2018, The most innovative design for Iran Mall West Expansion Pavilion-First prize

“Iran Mall West Expansion Project” is a multifunctional complex and the Financial and Administrative Center of Iran including, the center of international events and conferences, the largest performing arts hall, tourist accommodations, and multi-story parking. The investor of this project is Bahar Eghtesad Kamiyaran Trading Company and the project contractor is Yamam Sazeh Company. As the construction manager of the Yamam Sazeh Company, NESHA has been responsible for the management of national and international subsidiary companies.

Yamam Sazeh Company participated in the Construction Industry Development exhibition (Cidex 2018) in May 2018 at the Iran Mall exhibition center, along with a large number of top-ranked companies from all over the world, as well as prominent international operators. NESHA team designed the Pavilion of Yamam Sazeh company in this exhibition. This design won the title of the most visited and most creative and the best Pavilion of the first Cidex exhibition.

«پروژه توسعه غربی ایران مال» مجموعه‌ای چند عملکردی و محل استقرار مرکز بین‌المللی مالی و اداری ایران، مرکز رویدادها و همایش‌ها، بزرگترین سالن هنرهای نمایشی و فضاهای گردشگری و اقامتی و پارکینگ طبقاتی است. سرمایه‌گذار این پروژه شرکت بازرگانی بهار اقتصاد کامیاران و پیمانکار طرح و ساخت پروژه شرکت یمام سازه است. نشا به عنوان بازوی مدیریت طرح شرکت یمام سازه نقش مدیریت شرکت‌های داخلی و خارجی زیر مجموعه را برعهده داشته است.

شرکت یمام سازه در نمایشگاه برترین‌های توسعه صنعت ساختمان (Cidex 2018)، در اردیبهشت ماه 1397 در مرکز نمایشگاهی ایران مال، به همراه جمع کثیری از شرکت‌ها و مجموعه‌های تراز اول داخلی و خارجی، همچنین بهره‌برداران مطرح بین‌المللی حضور یافت. طراحی غرفه شرکت یمام سازه در این نمایشگاه به نشا سپرده شد. این غرفه پر بازدیدترین و خلاق‌ترین و عنوان غرفه برتر نخستین نمایشگاه Cidex 2018  را از آن خود نمود.


Iranian Modern & Contemporary Architecture Exhibiton

Iranian Modern & Contemporary Architecture Exhibiton

For the purpose of expansion and development of cultural activities with the main subject of Architecture with different countries, exhibitions, lectures and scientific exchange, sharing of design and make experience will be brought to attention. In the past the exhibition of Iranian Architecture in the 2015 Venice Biennale, exchange between Iranian and Japanese architecture in the April of 2016, exhibition of Iranian Architecture in Armenia the September of 2016 were held. The exhibition of contemporary Iranian architecture in Japan in March of 2018, with the invention of Architectural Institute of Japan [AIJ] will be brought to the public view.

This exhibition will be held in the Archi-Depot complex in Tokyo for two months and organized in three parts. Part one is focused on the second Pahlavi period and consist of over 20 projects including Azadi Monument, The City Theatre, The museum of contemporary arts, Senate of Iran, Niavaran Cultural complex, Carpet museum, etc. They are introduced and documented through models, films, slides and tabloids. In part two, project from distinguished Iranian and Japanese architects designed for Iran which were not built due to the 1979 revolution will be introduced. In part three a few of the contemporary build projects of Iran in the four groups of public projects [icon], residential and office projects [In fill], Monad projects and [Un built] highly developed projects will be introduced including the national library and academies of Iran by Hadi Mirmiran, and Tabriz SMP Tower by Bahram Shirdel.

After the exhibition in Tokyo, plans have been made to exhibit the program in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Mashhad which hopefully with the completion and publication of the exhibition book and an examining paper from Tokyo lto, Arota Isozaki and Iranian researchers, will help to improve on the status of Iranian architecture.

In the end we should mention and thank the Architectural Institute of Japan [AIJ], Professor Richi Miyake, Professor Arata Isozaki for organizing the event in Japan and the society of consultant engineers of Iran for moral support, the holding Azarestan group for financial support and multiple companies and groups whose names and logos are one the posters for support in the areas of media and technical programming. Also we would like to thank Ali Kermanian as the director and the research and performance group including Mehran Haghbin, Ali Naghavi Namini and also, Shahab Mirzaeian, Mehran Gharleghi and Siamak Farshchi.

Mehrdad Zavareh Mohammadi, Exhibition Director


Opening Address: RIICHI MIYAKE

Keynote Speech:


IRAN as hotspot


Different approaches towards the identity of Iranian architecture

Panel Discussion:

From Pahlavi dynasty to Islamic revolution, then post-revolutionary period






Closing Remark: NAHOKO WADA

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