The construction industry developments exhibition, CIDEX 2018

“The construction industry developments exhibition, CIDEX 2018, will be held in the exhibition hall of Iran Mall from May 1st until 4th, 2018. ‘Yamam Sazeh’ corporation works as a Developer and a General Contractor and has delegated the design of its booth in the exhibition, with the area of 120 square meters, to NESHA firm. Considering the role of Knowledge-Based management in Yamam Sazeh, its booth was designed based on the idea to provide the opportunity for interaction and knowledge transfer between this company and other corporations and visitors in this limited area. Therefore, the center of the booth is dedicated to showcasing the scientific achievements of this company. Surrounding the central presentation area, a few chambers, including information chamber for introducing Yamam Sazeh and playing recorded lectures, virtual reality chamber and introducing 3d and 4d models of the projects, and meeting room for holding more private meetings, have been placed; and with the goal of increasing the interaction level have been designed with utmost clarity.”


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